Music and musical instruments are an inseparable part of the life of many people today. Guitar is one of the most used musical instruments by today’s youngsters. This little piece of instrument that plays magical music usually has six strings. The sound from the guitar is projected through hollow wooden box or even plastic box.

These days, most of the guitarists use electrical amplifier and speaker to amplify the sound. There are three types of guitar – classical (with nylon string), acoustic guitar (steel string), and archtop guitar (also known as Jazz guitar).  Irrespective of the kind of guitar they own, avid guitarists always love to display their favorite instrument.

Now the question that comes up is how to display your guitar in a simple but elegant way because the way you display your guitar tells a lot about how much you care for it. Some people simply make their guitar lean against the wall in a corner of a room, while some hang them on the wall with creative wall mounts. You can use anything like a Monoprice wall mount to display your guitar on a wall.

Here are some simple ideas that will help you display your guitar in an elegant way.

Replace the Old Boring Guitar Stand with DIY Hanger:

If you are still using the old simple 3-foot guitar stand, then it’s time to replace it with custom-made DIY hanger, but make sure that the hangers are made out of galvanized pipe. They can be fixed on a wall. This gives a classy look to the instrument too.

Wooden Stand:

Wooden stand generally compliment the color of the guitar and add an extra charm to it. These stands showcase a professional look and are made in such a way that when not in use they can be folded away for storage.

Creative Wall Hanger:

These are the modern age hangers using which one can display a guitar in a stylish way. These hangers are designed with gravity-activated headlock, which means they will not fall down even if someone bumps into it accidently. For heavy-metal guitar, grip hanger is the best option. It is a bit more stylish and edgier, but looks cool when perfectly used on the wall.

Built-In Displays:

This is one of the simple yet elegant ways to display your guitar. This way, you can give a permanent home to your lovely instrument. It normally includes custom-made spot lighting, which compliments the color of the guitar.

Displaying the guitar is an art. You can get creative and design your own attractive stands, wall mounts and display cases.