You computer is unquestionably a fundamental part of your existence while you spend considerable time by using it. Like other machines additionally, it requires maintenance and when not taken proper care of correctly, it might malfunction. However, in case your computer doesn’t perform correctly, you have to do the repair. Yes, you could make contact with your personal computer support company to repair it. But is not it better to understand about some common PC problems and the way to repair them. In the following paragraphs we’ve discussed about a number of them.

“The body is running have less virtual memory” message – You’re focusing on multiple applications on your pc. Several home windows are open and also you observe that the performance from the system getting progressively slower and slower. Even you’re discovering it hard to open or close programs also it appears the computer is frozen. And eventually, you receive a message saying “virtual memory is not high enough.Inch You’re thinking how to proceed? You may be searching for that telephone number of the reliable remote computer support company.

Don’t be concerned. You do not need assistance of a specialist. You are able to resolve the problem by yourself. First, you need to know why such message is proven. If there’s lacking RAM (Ram), your pc uses virtual memory to operate programs like Microsoft ‘office’ Word or Microsoft ‘office’ PowerPoint. If there’s enough virtual memory, you will not find these types of messages later on. How you can enhance virtual memory? There’s two options. First of all, you are able to boost the virtual memory size on your pc. Additionally, it depends upon the quantity of RAM that’s presently present around the system.

If you work with Home windows 7 operating-system, there has to be a minimum of 1 GB of RAM. For Home windows Vista operating-system, there must be least 512 MB of RAM to operate. However if you simply want run applications like gaming, it takes 1 GB or even more of RAM. For Home windows XP Operating-system, no less than 256 MB of RAM is needed. So, if there’s insufficient quantity of RAM on your pc, it’s suggested to improve it. If there’s acceptable quantity of RAM on your pc, you won’t ever get these kinds of messages.

Sometimes, when running multiple programs you may experience that the particular application has completely frozen up. How you can close that application? Connect to the Task Manager by holding lower ctrl alt delete simultaneously. Under application tab you’ll find all of the programs which are running presently on your pc. Select that specific program and then click Finish task. There is a programs is going to be closed.