As a brand owner, you probably know already the power of videos for marketing. But, when you think of online video marketing, what may come to your mind first is YouTube. Sure, this channel has been the leading distribution platform with one billion users. However, did you know that Facebook has quickly become the second source of online videos?

Here are the reasons to upload your corporate videos on Facebook:

Get Maximum Attention

These days, people spend a lot of time on Facebook. They take advantage of the platform’s features to connect with the world. Uploading your videos on Facebook increases your chances of getting noticed because people are there. Plus, uploaded videos can be played automatically. Images that move tend to grab the most attention to compared to static splash screen images.

Expand your Reach

Once you have a video, you will have to embedit into your site. This works for users who know your business and want to get your product or service. You can expect them to seek your business out, visit your site and watch your video. However, having optimized videos allows those who do not know your business to find your site and check out your offerings. This audience is just a slice of your target. To get the biggest slice, consider Boosted Facebook Video Posts. With this feature, you get to pay a modest fee to boost your post. However, your video can be seen in the Newsfeed of thousands of Facebook users. These users don’t have to know about your offerings beforehand or like your page to get access to your post.

Bring your Audience Closer

A boosted Facebook video provides you the chance to make a prominent call-to-action within the player. Viewers can find this at the end of the video. This call-to-action can drive traffic to your site. Viewers who will click your link will be able to visit your website and hopefully spend time there.

Reach a Particular Audience

When making a boosted Facebook post, you will make use of a tool intended to target a specific audience. This allows you to define your audience by gender, age, interests and location. With this, you can be sure you spend money on ads used for pushing your videos in front of your target audience. Just make sure you have quality videos ready for them to view. Work with a Houston video production company to make sure your videos are entertaining, educational and interesting.