Congratulations, you have finally decided to launch your business website! The next obvious step is to find a web design company that can manage the project. Here are the 10 things to bear in mind before selecting a service.

  • What’s their experience with business websites? You need to know the kind of platforms they specialize in, and knowledge with WordPress is a must, especially when it comes to creating bespoke and custom themes.
  • Are they available? If a company takes your project, they must have the time and resources to complete the project within the estimated deadline. It’s not enough to just pitch their services, unless they have enough time required to take things forward.

  • Will they offer references? A professional design company that has been in business for more than a few years will be open about sharing client references. References are useful because you can know the experience of other clients better.
  • Do they have an in-house team? Don’t be surprised, but many companies do outsource projects to third-party services and make a commission out of the deal. Make sure that the company is known and has its own team.
  • Will they offer a website audit? If you seek Web Design Perth by The Web Shop, you will get a free website audit, which will talk about the changes required for your portal. Website audits also help in deciding the estimate.
  • Do they offer free estimates? Website design companies are expected to offer free estimates, which should be inclusive of all costs and expenses related to the design and launch of the website.

  • Are they clear about inclusions? Typically, website design quotes don’t include the cost of the domain or hosting. If you need a comprehensive package, please discuss that in detail.
  • Do they offer website maintenance packages? Many clients don’t have the technical knowledge and knowhow to manage a project, which is why website maintenance is important and relevant.
  • Will they offer a point of contact? While the site is being designed, the company must offer a point of contact for the client. You should be able to get regular updates on the development and design work.
  • Finally, what are the features of their websites in general? There is nothing called a perfect website, but typically, newly designed portals are expected to be mobile-friendly/responsive, user-friendly, and cross-browser compatible.

Check online now and shortlist a few design companies to take things further.