Google Analytics offers you with website insights and plays an important role in ensuring your business’ success online. This web-based platform lets you gather data on your website’s visitors. It enables you to gather and analyze information from how visitors arrived at your site, what they did while on the site and whether or not they became leads.

As a business owner, you know how important it is to base your business decisions on empirical data to ensure you are getting your money’s worth. Google Analytics contains various reports that you can use to know what works and what doesn’t. Before you check out a Google analytics tutorial, it pays to know how Google Analytics can help you:

Optimizing your Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns must be optimized continuously but you need to know if you are making steps in the right direction. This allows you to know if you have to make important changes. Google Analytics lets you understand what’s working and what’s not, ensuring that you invest your time optimizing the most useful campaigns.

Improving the Usability of your Site

Google Analytics lets you understand how visitors use your site. This lets you identify what must be done to improve your site’s usability and make it attractive to your target audience. To make this happen, you can take advantage of the Conversions and Behavior reports within Analytics. The Behavior reports let you know the pages that users engage with the most while the Conversion reports let you understand the users who did not convert. These can help you figure out the steps that require more optimization.

Targeting the Right Audience

Although you may already know who your target audience is, Google Analytics has the Audience reports that let you determine if you have targeted the right audience. With these reports, you can get user-specific details and understand your target audience. Understanding your audience allows you to come up with campaigns and ads that encompass their interests. Also, it lets you target your audience based on your target location and devices.

Determining where to Invest More

Because you know what works and what doesn’t you will know if it makes sense to allocate a budget for a certain area. Google Analytics can provide you a percentage budget decrease or increase, depending on your chosen model of attribution. Indeed, the tool can also help you in determining budget allocation gaps. With this tool, you can measure the return on investment of different aspects of your campaigns and efforts.