For a brief period, Microsoft did allow users to update to Windows 10 for free, but if you are doing that now, you have to get a new key. Windows 10 has been lauded for its interface and features, more so because it comes straight after Window 8, which had a huge number of problems. If you want to buy a Windows product key, you need to follow the right steps, and in this post, we have the details required for the same.

Know the versions of Windows 10

Before you are planning to shift to Windows 10, you need to know the versions first, to select one that works best for your needs. Windows 10 Home is the basic version of Windows, which is designed for noncommercial users. If you are planning to use Windows for your desktop or home laptop, this should suffice. Windows 10 Pro, on the other hand, is certainly more advanced, has more security features, and is ideal for office needs. There is also the third variant called the Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, which is designed for heavy usage, especially for businesses that need more power from their OS.

Buying Windows 10 product key

You may come across many websites that sell keys for Windows 10 activation, and in all fairness, not all of that is farce. Your best bet is still to buy from Microsoft, which has its store, from where you can get product key for all versions of Windows 10. Nevertheless, if you are still considering buying your Windows 10 key from a third-party site, you need to keep certain things in mind. Firstly, a small discount now and then is good, but don’t expect a massive change in price. Secondly, always get your Windows 10 key from a seller that can be relied on, so that you can get back o them, in case the key doesn’t work.

Get it from Microsoft store

If you don’t want to take chances, buying from Microsoft store is always the best idea. Expectedly, the Pro and Pro for Workstations versions are way more expensive than the standard Home version of Windows 10. There is no denying that people using other older versions of Windows will have to shift to Windows 10 at some point. As such, getting the key from the Store is the best way to get assured assistance from Microsoft, if needed.