When it comes to app, software and web development, expertise and a competent team counts. You may have the best ideas ready for execution, but unless you have a team to take care of the actual work, nothing makes sense. That’s the point when you can consult Cyber Craft – a company that specializes in outsourcing and consulting services for IT needs. With 30 years of work experience, the company can get a team that can deliver for your project.

Should you consider an offshore team?

In case you cannot find IT specialists in your area, outsourcing to offshore teams remains the only viable choice. CyberCraft has worked with clients across EU and they know what it takes to cut the costs and work of the client. However, you will never lose control on the team that’s hired for your job. CyberCraft offers incredible assistance for reducing recruitment costs, and you can save as much as 60% of what you would otherwise spend on in-house expansion.

Is CyberCraft the right choice?

As your consultant and management firm, CyberCraft offers complete setup and services that’s required to manage your team. Once they know the requirements, they will make and share a shortlist of the interviewed candidates, and you get to take the final call. The selected team can start working immediately at CyberCraft’s fully-equipped office, and all the administrative and financial aspects will be handled by them. They will also take care of taxes and legal aspects that are required to be completed in Ukraine. You need to final invoice every month, which covers their fee and salaries of the team members. For your information, Ukraine ranks 5th in global IT export, and CyberCraft promises to bring that expertise for your company.

Quick tips for working with CyberCraft

CyberCraft prefers knowing all your requirements in advance, and the first step that requires the maximum time is related to the shortlisting of employees. You will get to know the development team and will take the final call on selection. It is always better to give CyberCraft the required time for the setup and project. In general, it takes about two months to set up a development team of five people. However, a lot of it depends on the requirements. Don’t shy away from asking questions and make sure that you are clear about the goals and intentions. Also, do get an estimate in advance – CyberCraft will happily accommodate your requests.