A rubber gasket seal is frequently a fundamental element of a digital set up. Seals, whether silicone or rubber, are needed to safeguard the end result from ecological conditions that it’s uncovered to during use.

A rubber or silicone seal could be made to achieve what’s known as an Worldwide Protection Rating. This rating is definitely an industry standard to classify the quality of protection against solid objects, dust and water. For instance:-

For dripping water the specs will have to be IP61

For defense against water once the method is in a 15 degree position the specs could be IP62

To safeguard against sprayed water as much as 60 levels from vertical the specs could be IP63

To protect against splashed water all angles you’d specify IP64

Protects against water jets you’d specify IP65

For defense when immersed in water for any defined time, depth <1m and pressure then you would specify IP66
There are many materials that can be used to manufacture rubber seals therefore it is important to make clear the envisaged environment when requesting a quotation. One should consider temperature extremes possible, any chemical or solvent contact, bio-compatibility, electrical and RF requirements, exposure to sun and UV.

When designing a gasket in rubber, remember that the rubber does not squash on compression and reduce in volume, it merely deforms. This means that if you have a seal situation with a large area to seal against, it could require a high compression to get both faces to securely mate together. There are ways to deal with this problem, which can be overcome.

Rubber seals can be produced by extrusion methods, punched from sheet if the profile is flat, moulded by compression or injection methods. All of these methods require tooling and this can range from low cost for punch tools to higher costs for the moulding compression or injection tools. The best technique is ultimately made the decision by the style of the part and also the believed quantities needed.

When making the rubber gasket seal remember that by looking into making the profile too complicated this won’t effect the part cost but additionally effect largely the tooling costs, extravagant undercuts means an elaborate tool design so try to keep these low. Ask your manufacturer for advice on solving your design issues, a skilled manufacturer will be able to advise what features are contributing to the price and suggest alternatives that won’t formerly been considered.

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