Thanks to digitization, printing requirements in offices have reduced drastically. Yet, it is important to have at least one printer for the workplace. With a myriad number of choices, how do you choose one? We have listed down the pointers that matter.

The options

Printers for offices can be divided into four segments – laser, inkjet, 3D and photo printers. Most offices usually need an inkjet or laser printer, depending on the requirements. If you need to print frequently and in volume, a laser printer is your best bet, as the cost of printing per page is much lower. Inkjet printers are more ideal for smaller offices and homes.

Budget matters

If you don’t want to spend hugely on an office printer, inkjet printers are probably the only choice you have. These printers use ink and are more ideal for printing high-quality pictures and images. Laser printers, on the other hand, use toner ink and have faster printing speed. Some machines can print over 50 pages in a minute. It makes sense to consider your requirements and set a budget.

Buy online

To save on the retail prices, shop from the online stores. Online retailers usually don’t spend on stocking products and have lower overheads, which translates into better discounts and prices. You can check printers for sale from too. The good thing is you can shop for a number of brands and choose between hundreds of printers. Online stores also make it easy to compare options.

Basic functions

Printers do not much more than just printing. If you are buying one for your small office, go for a 4-in-1 printer, which can also copy, scan and fax besides printing. As for the functionalities, choose between a black & white and color printer as per your requirements. Color printers require expensive cartridges/toners, so consider that as one of the factors. Do you need a printer with wireless connectivity? If many employees need to access the printer, this can be a good point of comparison. You can also save considerably on paper costs by selecting a model that offers duplex printing, which is printing on two sides of the paper. Touch-screen is also a good thing to have in office printers, and you may want to settle for a model that comes with a flash drive or memory card reader.

Shortlist the brands, check the reviewsand compare printer models right away!