In today’s industries there are many people and companies that depend on antiviruses. These are the frontline of security, protecting your data and personal information against those who would benefit from stealing it. There are a lot of antiviruses out there, and over the years, many people have had differentiating opinions on what makes a good antivirus. Doesn’t matter if it’s a cheap antivirus or one of the expensive ones, now that viruses and malwares/ransomware have been on the rise since 2017, it is important that people can find the perfect security application for their computers.

But what makes a good antivirus and how can we decide what to buy to protect our computers? Here’s some of the things consumers should look for when purchasing an antivirus:

  1. A fast scan engine. One of the things that has made people annoyed with antiviruses over the years is the fact that they consume RAM. This makes the computer slow, especially when scanning files in an ageing computer. Years ago, consumers would argue which antivirus was “faster”. Which antivirus would be able to finish scanning your HD faster so that you could use the computer without anything using up all the RAM. And even today, this is still a requirement, even though we already crossed the 1GB RAM line a long time ago.
  1. Great detection rate. Another thing to remember is that an antivirus that can’t detect viruses is useless. Therefore an antivirus must be able to detect any threat that infects our machines. It also must be able to detect threats and threats alone, ignoring safe files.
  1. It must be frequently updated. Viruses tend to change over the years. They evolve depending on who created them and for what purpose. And antiviruses must be able to guard against them all, meaning that the antivirus’ developers must be vigilant in finding new viruses and be able to quickly make updates that can defend against them.
  1. Difficulty to install, customise, and use. It won’t do people good if installing, configuring, and using antiviruses is a pain. Hence another attribute people are looking for is that it is easy to use. The harder it is for people to use them, the more likely they’ll ignore them and not use them. This could lead to negligence regarding updates and scanning your computer, making it vulnerable to viruses and other infections.

Other desirable traits people are looking for is that the antivirus must have lots of other good features like being able to scan files that are being downloaded and the ability to recover any infected file. No matter which antivirus, a lot of people think that a good antivirus must have some degree of the required traits or not be considered usable at all.