Though Excel has been considered to be an easy to use and convenient software, it requires you to work harder to get desired output. Most of the time users face chaos when they rely on it for organization and sharing of data with other stakeholders through email. Files in Excel are more prone to errors and can even cost a large sum of money for a business. All these issues are addressed by a web database.

Greater chances of errors

By making updates to your Excel spreadsheets on a regular basis by several users at once, makes a file prone to errors and tough to reconcile. Such type of risks can prove to be highly detrimental to any firm that largely depends on database records.

Uncontrollable spreadsheets

If your spreadsheets are comprising of hundreds of rows, then you may find it very time consuming to scroll through them to trace a figure. Excel sheets can get clumsy when they get overloaded with large data. In those cases, online database is a good decision where you can bury your old data easily and quickly.

Excel is not a Database.

Excel is not an online database and so there are no rules and logic implemented in Excel to keep the data organized. There is no concept of data types in Excel and it fails to implement data validation. In Excel, you can’t form relationship with other data set, and that is the reason you end up with scrambled data

You’ll have a number of users editing spreadsheets at the same time.

One of the most annoying stages while working on Excel is that its file can’t be simultaneously edited by more than one person at a single time. If there is any other person who is working on the file, would have to wait to get it available.

You Need to dig over multiple versions of the same file.

Different versions of the file can be formed when too many people edit Excel sheets at one time. This can lead to inconsistency. Most of the times, it is hard to figure out who did the changes. The task of consolidating everyone’s modifications into a single file can be a highly cumbersome task.


Due to all these pitfalls, it is wise to migrate your files to web database system. Not only it improves the management and processing of the data but also keeps it secure and protected at all times.